2018 IP roadshow on anti-counterfeiting wraps up in Ruse



On October 11, 2018 ARSIS Consulting completed the 2018 IP roadshow on anti-counterfeiting with a training session in Ruse. The event was attended by 34 regional law enforcement officers – customs inspectors from Ruse, Svishtov and Lom Customs offices, police officers from “Economy crime” Police unit at Ruse PD and Ruse Border police. In addition to the product ID presentations per the participating brands, the session included a discussion among the participants on the importance of establishing a good level of coordination and cooperation among the different law enforcement authorities in the region considering the fact that Northern Bulgaria is an internal border of the EU. ARSIS lecturers and participating officers shared best practices and practical examples that had resulted in seizures of international shipments of counterfeit goods that were about to leave Bulgaria for Western Europe or Romania.

The training session in Ruse wrapped up the 2018 IP roadshow. For a second consecutive year ARSIS team took the road and visited customs offices around the country to provide practical trainings on location and share best practices with customs inspectors and other law enforcement officers on how to detect counterfeit goods. During the calendar 2018 a total of 5 training sessions on location took place covering all the major regions in Bulgaria - Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna and Ruse and the corresponding customs offices. The practical aspects of the trainings were found to be essential to improving the preparedness of the officers working on the field to detect and seize counterfeit goods. A common theme among the participants was the appreciation for the time devoted by the lecturers for detailed explanations and the attention to the specific challenges of the separate regional offices. Participating brands were lauded by the attending officers for being active in brand protection in Bulgaria and for providing continuous support to their work.

Upon completion of the IP roadshow Velizar Sokolov, the Managing partner of ARSIS Consulting, said: “The Bulgarian Customs play a key role in intercepting and stopping counterfeit goods aimed at the EU market. Through the years trainings and IP roadshows for brands that have applications for action under Regulation 608/2013 covering Bulgaria have proved to facilitate the work of customs officers in detecting counterfeits and have resulted in increased numbers of seized counterfeit goods. I hope the good level of cooperation will continue in the years to come.”


Further information for upcoming brand protection initiatives and trainings in 2019 can be provided upon request at arsis@arsis.cc

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