Anti-counterfeiting trainings in Burgas and Varna


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ARSIS 2019 IP roadshow on anti-counterfeiting recently docked in Burgas and Varna for its series of training sessions for the local customs authorities working on border monitoring under Regulation 608/2013. Both cities operate important sea ports which handle overseas cargo and are key to local brand protection programs.  

The training events in Burgas and Varna are part of the IP roadshow that has already covered the border points of Bulgaria responsible for the land borders with Serbia, Greece and Turkey and provided the participating front-line officers with practical insights on how to identify suspicious shipments and stop counterfeit goods. In addition to the product IP presentations, the participants were also able to study samples of counterfeit goods and test their skills in practice. 

The 2019 IP roadshow will finish off with a training session in Ruse later this year.


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