ARSIS lawyers represented legal information system and database maker LAKORDA victorious in 11 year mega trial that previously made the headlines as the first court case ever in Bulgaria with a preliminary ruling by the ECJ


On  June 22, 2018 the Supreme Cassation Court of Bulgaria rejected the motion of the plaintiff for a repeated cassation hearing of the case that was initiated against the legal information system and database maker LAKORDA within a dispute on an alleged sui generis database right infringement. Thus, the earlier decision made by Sofia City Court that no database infringement was committed by LAKORDA, subsequently confirmed by the appellate instance, is now final.

The most recent ruling of the Supreme Cassation Court completes a court saga that lasted more than 11 years and which previously made the local headlines as the first Bulgarian case ever to be referred to the ECJ in Luxembourg for a preliminary ruling for interpretation of EU law. We are proud that the legal defense of LAKORDA was taken and handled professionally by ARSIS attorneys Momchil Mladenov and Desislava Mateva. “I feel completely satisfied by the final ruling” - said litigating attorney Mladenov. And added: “After so many years (the case started in 2007) it puts an end to one of the most complicated court cases taken by our law firm which moreover had a preliminary ruling by the ECJ that build case law applicable in the other EU member states. We all learned quite a lot in the process”.

Said Velizar Sokolov, the Managing partner of ARSIS Consulting: “The court decision on this landmark case will without a doubt pave the way for future local case law on a legal matter that is complicated and relatively unknown in Bulgaria, namely the sui generis database right of database makers. I am proud with our active role in this trial and by winning the case ARSIS Consulting has further strengthened its reputation as a leading law office in the field of intellectual property protection.”  


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