AdLaw Conference: Prague, October 21 2016


For the second consecutive year ARSIS Consulting’s Andrea Andreev participated in the annual AdLaw International Conference which this year took place on October 21, 2016 in Prague. ARSIS Consulting is the Bulgarian member in AdLaw International ( which is an international network of law firms working in the field of advertising and marketing. The organization consists of 23 members representing countries such as USA, Canada, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Russia, Hong Cong, etc. The event this year was hosted by the Czech law firm “Svoboda, Chlumska, Chruma, and Partners” and took place in the conference hall of the Czech Bar Association. The main topic of the Conference was marketing law in social media. Members of AdLaw International delivered presentations and answered questions on matters such as personality rights, personality protection, fake profiles, implied endorsement, photography in marketing, etc. The audience included local advertising and PR agencies, social media contributors and editors as well as local businessmen and lawyers. Next year's AdLaw International Conference is to be held in Toronto, Canada.

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