Bulgarian CBP Department Seizes Over 65 000 Fake Fillers For Air Fresheners


              Bulgarian Customs and brand protection department has been very active throughout the entire 2020 and had numerous seizures of infringing products stopped at the south borders of Bulgaria and entry point to the European single market. COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a sharp increase in traffic of illicit products across the Bulgarian borders and many a brand has witnessed large number of items seized and many new cases opened to deal with intercepted shipments.

               2021 also started strong for the customs authorities in Bulgaria. In early March the customs officers at Seaside South Territorial Department performed risk analysis assessment and a truck about to enter the EU at Kapitan Andreevo border point was singled out for a physical inspection. The detailed inspection found a total of 65808 fillers for air fresheners. The on-the-field customs inspection team members who had previously attended brand protection trainings immediately recognized the suspicious nature of the shipment and the release of the products containing the logo of a famous brand was suspended. Upon further liaison with the Global Brand Protection team and the local legal team the Customs initiated a border seizure and detained the shipment under the procedure provided by Regulation 608/2013.

            Said Mr. Velizar Sokolov, Managing partner of ARSIS Consulting: “This is a great catch by the Bulgarian Customs! Congratulations go to every single one of the customs officers who took part in the work on this case – from risk assessment to the inspectors working on the field. We are really thankful for the watchfulness and professionalism by the CBP unit at Kapitan Andreevo and its experienced leadership. Last but not least such cases indicate the importance of border monitoring in the EU. I encourage brands to make full use of the EU legislation and its enforcement and brand protection tools.”

               For more information on border monitoring, brand protection and upcoming trainings for customs and law enforcement authorities in Bulgaria, please get in contact at arsis@arsis.cc

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