324 000 sets of counterfeit cards detained and destroyed in Varna, Bulgaria


324 000 sets of counterfeit cards were recently detained by the Bulgarian Customs authorities in Varna. The seizure took place under Regulation 608/2013 regime due to suspicions that the cards infringe the trademark of a popular Finnish brand owner. The Finnish company has submitted a EU-wide application for action and listed Bulgaria among the countries where the assistance of the customs authorities is requested.

Roschier Attorneys (Finland) and ARSIS Consulting (Bulgaria) teamed up to represent the brand owner within this border seizure and assisted the Finnish brand owner in their communication with the Bulgarian customs authorities, in inspecting the detained shipment in Varna and confirming the counterfeit nature of the detained products. The counterfeits were immediately destroyed upon the successful completion of the simplified procedure for quick destruction of counterfeit goods provided by the EU Regulation.


Varna Customs Department is responsible for Port Varna which is the biggest sea port in Bulgaria (located at the far east part of the EU). It is a key stopover for major sea cargo arriving in Bulgaria from Asia and heading into the EU to reach the final destination of its journey - the European consumer. Therefore, regular trainings on detecting counterfeits are taking place in Varna and are attended by the local Customs officers.   

To inquire about upcoming anti-counterfeiting trainings in Bulgaria, please contact arsis@arsis.cc

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