ARSIS Consulting was established in 1991 by experienced copyright and entertainment lawyers determined to provide expert services for their clients and ever since the firm has been expanding its expertise to cover the whole variety of intellectual property matters.

The firm renders legal and consulting services for both Bulgarian and foreign persons and entities on copyright and related rights, trademark and industrial design prosecution, IPR enforcement and litigation while at the same time has emerged as a key participant in various policy and legislation projects related to intellectual property.



For over a decade ARSIS continues to support the long-standing enforcement, lobbying and training programs of its client BSA (The Software Alliance) – the leading advocate for the software industry. The Alliance is an association of more than 70 world-class companies that invest billions of dollars annually to create software solutions that spark the economy and improve modern life. Through international government relations, intellectual property enforcement and educational activities, BSA expands the horizons of the digital world and builds trust and confidence in the new technologies driving it forward.

In recognition of its in-depth expertise, throughout the years ARSIS has been retained separately to represent Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, PTC, etc. in a number of projects and IP programs of the companies. The efficiency of the anti-piracy actions undertaken on behalf of the BSA member companies in Bulgaria is reflected in the significant reduction of the software piracy rates with almost 30% for the last decade.

Throughout the years ARSIS has been deeply involved in the IP programs of various other right owners in the sphere of copyright and related rights. The firm has been retained separately by local or international private industry organizations such as the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) or by individual right owners from the music and the film industries to run their IPR enforcement and lobbying programs as well as to provide legal support to their regular activities. ARSIS keeps long-term relations of trust with the Bulgarian Association of the Music Producers (BAMP), the IFPI National Group, as well as with one of the biggest collecting societies in Bulgaria – PROPHON, by providing full scope of legal services in support of their work. 

The firm is particularly proficient in the sphere of counterfeit and pirate goods, having had experience of implementing and managing anti-counterfeiting programs for various brand owners. ARSIS has been running the brand protection programs of such international right holders like adidas Group, Nike International, Converse Inc., Crocs Inc. and Jibbitz LLC, Nokia, Louis Vuitton Malletier, Christian Dior Couture, Givenchy, Ermenegildo Zegna, Playboy Enterprises International Inc, L’Oreal, etc. 

The specificity of the firm’s field of practice has modeled a unique company structure where the investigative unit teams up with the IP experts and litigators to comprehensively satisfy clients’ demands and long-term partnerships.

With regard to pure trademark prosecution, the firm also addresses an array of matters including registrations, trademark disputes, opposition and cancellation proceedings, etc.



Since the early 1990’s ARSIS experts have been working on lobbying modern IPR legislation harmonized with the international standards and assisting the government authorities in its effective implementation. The firm’s high level of expertise is proved by the fact that its lawyers have been deeply involved in the preparation and lobbying of the draft new acts and their follow-up revisions of the 1993 Law on Copyright and Related Rights, the 1996 Title Verification Decree, the 2005 Optical Discs Law, the 2006 Laws to Amend and Supplement the Law on Marks and Geographical Indications and the Law on Industrial Design, as well as the latest amendments in the Penal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria concerning IPR offences.

In the course of its work on IPR enforcement ARSIS has been deeply involved in the organization and holding of a big number of seminars dedicated to the particulars of IPR legislation and enforcement, targeting various professional groups such as police, public prosecutors, judges, enforcement officials from the Ministry of Culture, the Patent Office, the Customs Agency, etc.



Since 1994 ARSIS and its experts have been actively involved in various IPR events and invited as guest speakers at different international conferences of IPR issues, both in Bulgaria and abroad. Throughout the years ARSIS has been promoting through articles, interviews, campaign initiatives and public appearances the value of intellectual property and the need to respect and protect IPR.



“This outstanding firm is entirely dedicated to IP law. The team is lauded for its remarkable expertise and high-quality advice on the whole spectrum of IP matters. It is noted for its prowess in preventative measures and excellent working relationships with the relevant authorities.Velizar Sokolov is widely perceived as one of the best IP advisers in Bulgaria. He has an outstanding reputation for his work in the field of enforcement.” - said about ARSIS team the Annual Chambers Europe client’s guide whose IPR section has been topped by ARSIS Consulting for seven consecutive years (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).


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