Upcoming trainings on fake-spotting in Bulgaria


2019 IP roadshow on anti-counterfeiting for the Bulgarian Custom officers is set to launch later this month. For the third consecutive year ARSIS Consulting will be dispatching its brand protection specialists to the most important border entry points in the country to train customs officers on how to detect counterfeit goods.

The training program started back in 2017 and invoked the participation of many frequently knocked-off companies. Regular on-site trainings are an important IP enforcement tool in helping stop fakes at the first line of defense and reduce the visibility of the counterfeits on the market itself. Brands are eager to show support to the local authorities by sending out anti-counterfeiting leaflets and samples to be utilized for training purposes during the seminar sessions.

Mr. Velizar Sokolov, managing partner of ARSIS Consulting, elaborated: “More and more brands are undertaking active measures at the border against the influx of counterfeits into the EU market and that includes participation in regular trainings for the customs officers. Putting up an application for action with the customs nowadays is not enough by any means. The key to an effective border regime is working constantly with the officers. Only then a clear picture of the market situation will surface. The upcoming trainings in Bulgaria are an excellent opportunity for brands to alert the attending customs officers on the trends and challenges in detecting and seizing counterfeits at the border.”

The 2019 IP roadshow will carry on throughout the year. Training sessions are planned to take place in Sofia, Kapitan Andreevo, Burgas, Varna and Ruse.

For more details and presentation slot availabilities, please contact arsis@arsis.cc.

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